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Our spacious and accommodating facility is able to meet the needs of owners seeking medical advice and services, boarding, and grooming for their animal companions. Because of our large staff of doctors, technicians, and assistants, we can treat a variety of animals including dogs and cats, and are able to accommodate emergency care cases. For most clients, these services make All Creatures Veterinary Center a one-stop-shop when it comes to their pets’ health care needs.

Preventative Care Packages

We know that the various veterinary services your pet may need can add up fast, and at many veterinary offices, the final bill can be a surprise to owners. We intend our preventative care packages to create more transparency in pricing so you can budget more effectively and save some of your hard-earned-money. We believe that veterinary care should be a practical and affordable option for all pet owners. * Package prices may not be combined with any other discounts or certificates.

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Preventative Care

Regular wellness visits offer our veterinary doctors the opportunity to catch illness and disease when they are in their earliest and most treatable phases. We recommend that healthy adult animals have at least two scheduled wellness visits a year. Seniors, adolescents, or pets with chronic health problems may need more frequent visits to address their special needs.

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Diagnostic Care

Diagnostic care allows our medical team to help your pet feel their best inside and outside. Lab work, blood tests, and imaging technology help our doctors and staff diagnose illness and injury, as well as confirm the health status of seemingly healthy pets.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

Our surgical staff is highly experienced in performing routine, emergency, and complex surgeries. The steps to ensure a healthy and viable surgery begin before the procedure and end weeks after it is over. We will be there for our patients undergoing surgery to offer advice and wisdom at every step of the way.

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Pet Dental Services

Imagine how your mouth would feel if you didn’t brush your teeth every day. Or floss. Or visit the dentist once or twice a year. This is probably how your pet’s mouth feels, and if you have noticed that they tend to have stinky breath, it should come as no surprise. In addition to discomfort, dental disease is a painful and serious condition that affects an estimated 80% of pets to varying degrees. The bacteria in the mouth can travel and wreak havoc on other internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs. And that stinky breath is actually one of the first telltale signs of dental disease.

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that uses special high-intensity beams of light to stimulate a variety of processes in the body. Laser therapy provides relief in several ways, such as the release of endorphins, the promotion of lymphatic flow, the stimulation of cells which repair the body, and the increase of cell division. Through these bodily changes, laser therapy is able to both decrease pain and promote healing.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

Puppies and kittens are extra adorable, and extra prone to diseases and illnesses! Routine, scheduled wellness care for your new puppy or kitten during their first year of life helps to ensure your new pet is set up for a lifetime of health. We are here to support you as a responsible pet owner every step of the way.

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Senior Pet Care

As pet’s age, the functionality of their immune systems decline. This makes them more susceptible to disease. They become vulnerable to both contagious diseases such as kennel cough, and chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer or diabetes. For early treatment and prevention, seniors should therefore have more frequent office visits than they did earlier in their life cycle.

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