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Boarding Services

Next time you are going out of town, give your pet a vacation of their own in our luxurious Pet Hotel. Our trained staff of animal care professionals will be there to care for your pet every single day, even on holidays. Because we are a veterinary hospital, we are prepared to take care of dogs and cats with special medical considerations and administer medications. If you are worried about a medical or behavioral issue that your pet may exhibit while you are gone, there is no better option to leave them at a facility with a veterinary hospital on site. Our accommodations are designed with the comfort of each pet in mind.

Feline Boarding

Because we know your cats are special, we have provided you with two options to choose from based on their personality.

We have Cat Condos available with shelves and stairs for playful and outgoing pets to climb on. These Cat Condos also features two panes of glass so the cat can see what is going on in our office. Many curious cats love looking through the windows.

Is your cat more of a shrinking violet? We have special separate accommodations for cats who are shy or easily shaken by their environment. Cat Cozy Rooms are designed to be more den-like. They are cubbies that are separate from the noise and bustle of the office. From them, the cats will not be exposed to the sounds of the dogs barking in the kennel.

For the safety of all of our guests, we must ask that all cats staying at the Pet Hotel are up-to-date on vaccinations. If you suspect your cat may be sick, please let us know so we can contain the spread of disease by keeping them separate from other patients.

Canine Boarding

Dogs who check in to our Pet Hotel enjoy two daily feedings and three daily walks. In their climate-controlled accommodations, we will provide them with a warm blanket to keep them feeling cozy and safe.

We have a variety of rooms for dogs which you can select from based on their size and needs. For dogs less than 15 pounds, we have Cozy Canine Cubbies. For medium sized dogs between 15-40 pounds, we have Canine Medium Cubbies. Both options are secluded enclosures that will keep them clean and safe.

For dogs of any size, there are also seven canine suites available with 3ft by 5ft worth of space for them to stretch out. A glass door lets your pup see what is going on outside of his door.

For dogs who truly deserve the lap of luxury, our Canine Condos are our most spacious option. They are 4ft by 8ft wide and allow the special guest to see the play lawn all day long through a window.

Before check in, we must ask that all dogs staying in the Pet Hotel are fully vaccinated (and must have Bordetella vaccinations) for their safety.

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