Preventive Care for Dogs

Preventive Care for Dogs

for dogs 1+ years old

Preventive Care Level 1 - $134

Pet exam & consult by Doctor and up to 4 Core Vaccines and complimentary Nail Trim ($146 value)

Physical Exam - For all its seeming briefness, the physical exam performed by the doctor is a very detailed look at your pet — from teeth to tail and everything in between. We can hear heart murmurs before there is a cough, see eyes and ears that need attention, feel organs that may be changing in shape or size, and see redness in gums that may be the start of dental disease.

Core vaccines in dogs are Da2pp, also called Distemper-Parvo, Rabies, bordetella and Lepto. Our doctors generally give vaccines on three year rotations, because vaccine effectiveness has improved, but every pet’s situation is different.  Our doctor’s recommendation to give or not give a vaccine depends on your pets documented vaccine history and the proper administration of the vaccine according to the label.   Even though this package includes up to 4 core vaccines, your pet may not need that many. You are always free to request or refuse any vaccine for your pet.  Special order vaccines, like lyme or rattlesnake are quoted separately.

Preventive Care Level 2 - $164

Everything in Level 1; pet exam & consult by Doctor and up to 4 Core Vaccines and complimentary Nail Trim plus fecal (parasite) test and heartworm test ($214 value)

Fecal Test – is performed by examining a small quantity of stool through a microscopic flotation to look for parasite eggs. Some internal parasites can infect people so stool tests and deworming protect both your pet and your family.  

Heartworm Test – looks for the presence of heartworms in your dog by examining a small amount of blood.  Heartworm disease is usually fatal for dogs or extremely painful and expensive to treat.  The test is needed annually to prescribe prescription preventative medication like Heartgard.

Preventive Care Level 3 - $204

Everything in Level 2 plus Early Detection Blood Test ($283 value)

Early Detection Blood Test - Pets cannot tell us when something is wrong and often show no signs.  The Early Detection Blood Test is a way to enable the doctor to diagnose potential diseases before they become a serious issue.  This test looks for infection, inflammation, liver and kidney conditions.

Preventive Care Level 4 - $264

(recommended for dogs 7 years and older) ($319 value)

Everything in Level 2 plus Early Detection Test including Urinalysis and Thyroid Profile  Early Detection Test including Urinalysis & Thyroid Profile – is especially important for dogs older than 7 (approximately 44-56 in human years).  The Early Detection blood and urine test can identify early stages of renal, liver and endocrine diseases as well as diabetes and lower urinary tract disease (bladder infections and stones).  Certain breeds are more susceptible to hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels).  Once diagnosed, medication can be prescribed to reverse most symptoms. 

[Preventive Care packages may not be combined with any other discount or offer]