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A parasite is any organism that subsists by stealing energy from a host. Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms are found in almost every environment, and Texas is no exception. These troublesome hitchhikers will latch onto your pet and never let go if given the chance. And once attached, they can cause not only discomfort but dangerous side effects.

The first line of defense against parasites is ensuring that your pet is on continuous preventatives; whether they be chews, topical treatments, flea collars, or otherwise. In house, we provide a large variety of alternatives to suit any pet’s lifestyle. The hot and arid climate of Texas can support parasites all year round, not only in the summer months, so we are firm believers that to stay safe, your pet should be on preventatives at all times.

The second line of defense against parasitic infestations is yearly testing at annual wellness visits. To test for most parasites, we will use a fecal exam. To test for heartworms, we typically use a blood test.

Are you on the fence about getting your pet tested for heartworms? Consider the following information:

Heartworms spread using the help of another pesky parasite: the mosquito. If your pet is bitten by a mosquito carrying heartworm larvae, they will eventually begin to harbor the worms. In the early stages, the signs are easy to miss. They include coughing and fatigue. Pets often continue on with heartworms for months before their owner notices anything amiss. But given time, the heartworms will cause irreversible organ damage and in their final stages they will culminate in the death of their host. In addition, heartworms are prevalent in the American south, because of the high density of mosquitos. When it comes to the prevention of this serious disease, we vote better safe than sorry.

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