Nutrition & Weight Management

The food your pet eats fuels all of their activities and bodily functions. Nutrition is a key element of their health. Pets who are young, old, sick, healthy, small, and large each need a diet to meet their individual needs. Our veterinary professionals can help you to select a high-quality pet food that will satisfy their cravings and their nutritional requirements based on their individual profile.

If your pet has a chronic disease such as cancer, diabetes, allergies, a thyroid disorder, or otherwise, ask your veterinarian about how a prescription pet food could impact their health. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, once said “Let thy food be thy medicine.” At All Creatures Veterinary Center, we think the same should apply to our animal best friends!

Help for Overweight Pets

In addition to what your pet is eating, how much your pet eats can also significantly contribute to their overall health and wellbeing. One out of every three dogs and cats in the United States is overweight or obese. Pets who are carrying extra weight do not enjoy the same quality of life as their fit counterparts. They are more prone to disease, and their expected lifespan is decreased.

Do you know if your pet is a healthy weight?

If your pet’s body weight is more than 15% greater than what is recommended for their size and breed (ask your veterinarian about what this number would be) they are considered obese. Overweight pets are those whose weight falls between the recommended weight and 15%.

Another easy way to tell is by feeling your pet’s side body, if they are laying down or stretched out, you should easily be able to feel their rib cage. Of course, this method is less exacting than the previous, but it can be a good indication that you may need to seek further help.

What if they are obese or overweight?

“Plus-sized” pets should have a veterinary consultation to assess their status. Regular weigh-ins at the office can help you track their progress. If you want to weight them more frequently, one helpful method would be using an at-home scale. Weigh yourself on the scale. Then pick up your pet and step back on. The difference is their weight.

Our veterinarians can help by recommending and providing you with a prescription pet food that has been clinically tested and approved to aid in weight loss. Remember to stick to the serving size! Use a measuring cup to dole out their food at mealtimes so you can be sure they are not over-consuming. And table scraps and extra treats are a definite no-go during their weight loss journey.

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