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To diagnose disease with accuracy, going deeper than a physical examination may be required. Laboratory testing allows us to gather a complete dataset of your pet’s health, and understand what is going on below the surface at a chemical level.

At All Creatures Veterinary Center, we are able to provide our clients with an on-site, staff-run laboratory. This helps us to increase the speed and accuracy of our diagnostic process, so you are not left waiting days or even weeks for results.

Other veterinary offices who are not able to provide this service must ship their samples to a third party laboratory, then wait for them to test, then wait for the results to be delivered. Because we have complete control over the laboratory testing process, we are able to expedite the results for our patients.

Here are some of the routine tests we routinely run in our in-house laboratory:

  • Blood chemistry panel is actually a series of tests that work together to assess major organs such as the kidney, liver, or pancreas.
  • Electrolytes testing is useful to for monitoring dehydration, bone metabolism, and general body health. The most abundant electrolyte in the body is sodium, but we also test for others such as potassium, chloride, calcium, and phosphorous to understand more about your pet’s unique chemistry.
  • Complete blood count is one of the most common laboratory tests we conduct, because it is so informative of the animal’s overall health. It identifies the amounts of different blood cells that are present in the blood, and using this information we can diagnose anemia, infection, inflammation, and more.
  • Thyroid tests measure the output of the critically important thyroid gland, which is responsible for energy and metabolism. Disorders of the thyroid can result in serious symptoms.
  • Urinalysis gives us an overview of the chemistry of the animal’s urine. It can help us diagnose disorders of the kidneys, diabetes, and more. For senior pets, we recommend this test even more strongly.

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