Regular wellness visits offer our veterinary doctors the opportunity to catch illness and disease when they are in their earliest and most treatable phases.

We recommend that healthy adult animals have at least two scheduled wellness visits a year. Seniors, adolescents, or pets with chronic health problems may need more frequent visits to address their special needs.

During the wellness visit, our staff will conduct a thorough nose-to-tail physical examination. We will check the following physical characteristics as a part of the examination:

  • the coat and skin
  • the teeth and gums
  • the joints and muscles
  • weight and body composition
  • the eyes and ears
  • if their abdominal area is inflamed or swollen
  • their temperature

The physical examination alone can provide a veterinarian with a wealth of knowledge about your pet’s wellbeing. Symptoms of burgeoning ailments which may be unnoticeable to a layperson may be caught under a veterinarian’s attentive eye-for-detail.

In addition to the physical evaluation, we also recommend that every pet receive one fecal examination a year to check if they are parasite-free.

We encourage our clients to also use the wellness examination to ask us questions about their pet’s behaviour and care. The physical is an important part of your pet’s health, but their emotional and mental wellbeing is also an important element of their happiness that we would like to address.

Consider the following questions:

  • Are they alone for most of the day while you are at work?
  • Do they get along with other people and animals?
  • Do they enjoy playtime and exercise?
  • Do they have a cozy place to sleep at night?
  • Do they have any unexplainable phobias?

Our veterinarians can offer advice and techniques to keep your pet mentally stimulated and comfortable in their home environment. If your pet has a severe behavioral problem, we can also refer you to some of our favorite animal trainers and behaviorists in our area.

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