Digital Radiography

Radiography is the science of using waves such as x-rays to produce images of internal structures on a sensitive plate for medical examination.

For diagnostic purposes, radiography is incredibly valuable because it allows a trained radiographer to view the heart, lungs, musculoskeletal system, bones, and other internal structures.

Decades ago, diagnostic questions which may have resulted in surgery can now be answered using this safe and non-invasive technique.

At All Creatures Veterinary Center, instead of traditional film x-rays, we use digital radiography because of its higher quality. Here are some of the benefits of digital radiography as opposed to film:

  • Digital x-rays create more precise images. This aids the veterinary team in making accurate diagnoses.
  • The image can be created faster. This will expose you pet to less of the x-ray waves, and they do not have to sit still for as long.
  • The resulting images can be sent electronically to specialists across the country with the click of a mouse.
  • The images can also be stored electronically in your pet’s medical records for future reference.

We decided to invest in the equipment and training necessary for digital radiography to better serve you, our clients and prospective clients, with the most accurate, timely, and safe diagnostic services on the market today. Staying at the cutting edge of veterinary medicine is part of our mission as a practice.

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